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Bikram Method

Please prepare yourself for the hot yoga class by reading more information on what to do before, in and after the class.

Have you ever tried hot yoga?

Experience Supreme Hot Yoga

At Supreme Yoga we practice 26 postures of Hatha Yoga and 2 breathing exercises in heated room 40°C and humid for 60 and 90 minutes.

Our yoga 60 and 90 minute program is based on the Hatha Yoga Bikram method. This is a scientifically designed program that moves through 26 Hatha Yoga postures that are performed in a unique sequence.

Our teachers are there to help you achieve your highest level of practice possible for each moment you are in the studio.

You are most welcome to come before class for silent meditation. This provides the perfect way to prepare for your class and lot let the stress of the day melt away in our hot room.

Meditation can further your development of self realization. By practicing with intimate awareness your development of mental stability and deep relaxation helps create your path of peace and tranquility.

Interlock your fingers release the index fingers cross your thumbs.

Grip tight all 10 fingers interlocked under the foot.

Grab your big toes over the top with your index and middle fingers

Our Instructors

Our instructors are passionate about providing the perfect environment to let your body, mind and spirit thrive.

Our hot yoga instructors are non judgmental and work hard to help you achieve the maximum benefits from your practice.

Why not join us today for a new experience?

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